1) What is SMART LUDO?

A. SMART LUDO is a traditional game play of ludo where you can improve your skill of playing game can be checked with real online players.

2) How to play SMART LUDO?

A. One can play 4 modes available in our app Two player, Four player, Private room and Computer.

3) How can I play with online real player?

A. You can play with online real players of SMART LUDO by choosing ‘two player and four player’ modes.

4) How can I play with my friends privately?

A. To play with your friends privately first he/she should have installed SMART LUDO app in his device, then you can play with your friends by selecting PRIVATE ROOM option. Then you can create or join a room by the private room code which will be shown on hosting players display.

5) How can I earn money by playing SMART LUDO?

A. Everyone who plays SMART LUDO can earn money by playing given modes on home screen. Just play a game by selecting one of the real players option like Two player and Four player or Private room. Raise a bet amount as your wish from 10 INR and win it. You will win the amount as mentioned.

6) Where will be my winning amount?

A. You can find your winning amount in your real cash wallet under ‘winning’.

7) How can I withdraw my cash?

A. You can withdraw your cash only under winning. To withdraw your winning amount you must complete your KYC first, then if you have the minimum amount to withdraw, you can withdraw your desired amount by going to wallet> Redeem> enter required amount to withdraw> select the bank> tap on redeem. Your request of withdrawal will be received and approved by our support team and processed within 48 hours.

8) How do I complete KYC?

A. Tap on ‘More’ at the bottom of the home screen and select ‘update KYC’. There you can update KYC.

9) How to deposit cash to my wallet?

A. You can add cash to your deposit cash by going to wallet and selecting recharge> select amount> and pay amount to complete transaction.

10) How I earn bonus cash?

A. You can earn bonus cash freely by referring SMART LUDO to your friends and known ones. Both you and your friend gets bonus cash.

11) How can I refer SMART LUDO to my friends?

A. Tap “Refer Friend” option  on bottom of home screen of the app, then tap on refer friend and select a platform to share your referral code to your friends and ask them to enter your code while registration.

12) How to see my played games?

A. Tap on MORE below the home screen and select GAME HISTORY.

13) Can I play game in SMART LUDO without money?

A. You can play with computer without betting money.

14) How to change my profile details?

A. Tap on your avatar on top left corner, there you can edit your profile details.

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